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AIOTAGRO is a high-tech company focusing on AI+IoT in smart agriculture, dedicated to solving food safety problems from the source of agricultural production. Its China headquarters is located in Wuhan, China. The global headquarters is in Singapore.
It has self-developed smart chips, AI artificial intelligence agricultural platforms and IoT hardware equipment. Real-time monitoring of the entire agricultural production process through AI+IoT, providing solutions for real-time monitoring of the entire agricultural production process, digitization of agricultural production processes, and agricultural big data applications for users in industries such as animal husbandry, food safety, finance and insurance, etc.
At the same time, relying on the company's core technology and industry-leading agricultural breeding data model, while reducing farmers' risks and controlling production costs, it realizes the digitization of the whole process of fresh food ingredients and the transparency of food safety, thereby improving the quality of fully traceable raw materials and improving food safety. food safety.
At present, it has covered 30 provinces in the Chinese market, and is expanding the global market through the Singapore headquarters